Have a question?

See below for some frequently asked questions. If you’re interested in making an offer on something we have listed for sale or have any other questions in general, fill out the Contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What is a break?

High end sports card boxes are very expensive these days. The top end lines can cost thousands for a handful of cards.  Most people don’t have or don’t want to spend that kind of money on an entire box for themselves.  Breaks are a way for people to pay a fraction of the box price cost to get a piece of the box’s contents.  Basically you’re splitting the box with other people for a chance at hitting some big cards!

What do I get?

You will receive all the cards in accordance to the format of the break (Random teams, Pick Your Team, etc). Check out the “How’s it Work?” section for more details.  Part of the appeal of breaks is the possibility of hitting a hugely valuable card.  However, please note that it is possible to not hit any cards in a break.  As the boxes are sealed, there is no way to know what is inside each box before we break.  We will always do our best to include extras or give break credit to people who go hitless on a break – we want everybody to have fun!

Why do you do it?

From a breakers perspective, I love getting to see what is inside the boxes that I get. At the same time, I can’t afford to rip everything myself!  Hosting these breaks is a fun way for me to try and pull some awesome cards from my friends, family, and community!  I try to keep my pricing very competitive with minimal markup for product procurement, organizing, and shipping.  I just love breaking boxes!

How will it be shipped to me?

We ship via USPS Priority or USPS First Class. We usually ship cards from breaks once a week on Mondays to consolidate shipping but will make exceptions (i.e. if a really big card is hit we will try to overnight it).